Promotion Details

BMW - Motorcycle Owners of America (MOA) and Car Club of America (CCA) Members

BMW - Motorcycle Owners of America (MOA) and Car Club of America (CCA) Members

End Date: 12/31/2021

Terms and Conditions

Eligible Customers:
Active MOA / BMW Car Club members who have been members one year or longer at the time of their motorcycle delivery will be eligible for this program. If your customer cannot locate their latest MOA/CCA membership card, please reach out to the MOA/CCA via the "contact us" links on their respective websites. The Member Services departments within these organizations can confirm your customer's membership start date and they usually reply within 24 hours.

The appreciation program is equally provided to all eligible personnel and is not intended as a gift, reward or payment. Acceptance of this program is subject to the laws of appropriate authorities.

Eligibility Guidelines:

  1. Purchasers are eligible for one (1) purchase incentive during the program calendar year (January 2nd – December 31st, 2021).
  2. This incentive may be combined with any other retail customer incentive* available at the time of purchase for a qualified model (unless specifically excluded in the eligibility guidelines), which is defined as any new, previously unregistered BMW motorcycle sold between the dates of January 2nd – December 31st, 2021. BMW Motorrad USA auction units do not qualify.
  3. May not combine multiple Appreciation Program offers from Military / USAA / Emergency Services / MSF RiderCoach / MOA / BMW Car Club of America / Valued Vendor / Corporate Sales Purchase Programs.
  4. Motorcycles must be purchased through an authorized BMW Motorrad USA dealer. Purchases through a 3rd party or BMW dealers outside the USA are not eligible.
  5. No purchases in the name of corporate or business entities.

BMW Motorrad USA reserves the right to make changes to the offer and/or terminate the offer at any time without prior notice. See your authorized BMW Motorrad dealer for more details.

Add two more wheels to your collection. All BMW Motorcycle Owners of America (MOA) and Car Club of America (CCA) members who have been members for one year or longer are eligible to receive up to $750 off MSRP on a new BMW Motorcycle.


K–Series / S-Series - $750
F-Series / R–Series* - $500
C–Series / G-Series - $250